Rory Walker. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 23rd March 1981






Hmmm, seven years of Bedales institutionalisation. The question is, what will I be remembered for? For my drumming, for my flares, for pedantic conversations that only Tom will take part in without self mutilation, for having been busted a record amount of times or more likely for jumping on an innocent lady's car! I guess most people would picture me with my miniature second half that distracted me from spending time with our block for three whole years. I hope no memories of me are negative for I truly meant only well.

However I have decided that life is no longer a spiral, as is written in the Block V yearbook, but that it is a vast open plain of trampolines, covered in every square centimetre with complex, wart sized bibelots. On it one bounces around mindlessly, until one falls flat on one's face, and is met with the curious close up view of one of these minute attractions, inspecting it and learning from it before the pain is gone, and one gets up, only to bounce some more.

Anyone is welcome to give me a ring anytime if in my neighbourhood, and join me in my ASYLVM EBRIETI. Have fun!

Rory graduated with First Class Honours in Ancient History from Kings College, London

The Latest:

Life is treating me well. I finished my degree in Ancient History at King's College London, having got a first which was incredibly satisfying. Throughout my degree I continued to battle on with my dream of a music career which began in my gap year. I continued producing on my home studio and buying more and more equipment, slowly, so that when I finished my degree I could launch myself into music in the hope of turning a great hobby into a profession.

Now I'm living in Oxford (it's too tiring living in London when you're skint!) with my girlfriend Penny who is studying at the legal institute. I have a part-time job which keeps things ticking over and am otherwise either rehearsing with bands, producing my own music or DJing. I'm looking into setting up a small night in Oxford to start with and get some gigs in the meantime; we'll see where it all leads.

To all other alumnis, some of you I have seen in last few years, some not. All are welcome to drop in if passing through Oxford. And if anyone wants a demo CD of my music please get in touch (and pass it on to any high profile connections!!).