Ellie Strutt. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 16th January 1981






I'm spending next year doing an art foundation with Nick and Sophie in good old Farnham, it remains to be seen whether any form of social life is to be had there. I will be living with 'el davide' and family for the next 9 months so if any of you want to come visit the headmistress in your spare time feel free! After Farnham, I'm going to take a gap year somewhere and do crazy things before finally trying to mature and go to university (probably Newcastle) to do graphic design, or some such arty thing. Me, Mimi G.S. and Sophie are going skiing in Austria over the millennium, free house any one want to come? - sorry no randomers from else where in the world unless you're good looking! Best of luck to everyone K.I.T

Love, Ellie

Art Foundation at Surrey College of Art & Design