Alex Sharp. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 3rd July 1981






Right then, here we go. Four weeks left (five including half-term) and, as usual, I've left it right up until the last minute to do anything about it, but I'm finally here and writing. What can I say? I've been here seven years since Block 1, we've all grown up together, we've all got wise together (OK, wiser), and now we've all got to leave together.

A few people say they've got mixed emotions about leaving but I can assure you I'm going to miss it like hell. You won't ever quite get the same weird pleasure in university from sitting in some godforsaken field in the pissing rain drinking some horrible stuff that you'd normally hesitate to poison rats with, will you? Or from singing Happy Birthday at breakfast, or harassing the domestic staff in the kitchens.

Oh well. Looks like I've used up my 150 words, so I'll leave the rest of the sentimental gibberish to the actual end-of-year yearbook, and leave you with something that one of my friends from Hong Kong wrote me in a card when I first left to join Dunhurst in 1992: You can go, but you can never leave.

Cheers for everything, Alex (or 'Brother Astri' if you really want to annoy me). PS I've no bloody idea what I'm doing in life, so watch this space. Any ideas, let me know.

March 2000 - So, here I am, taking the plunge into geekdom and actually updating my page. Just a quickie to let anyone who's interested know that I've spent the last eight months enjoying life and the luxury of freedom, making money at Harrods (don't ask) and I'm off to Mexico in a couple of weeks to expand my horizons, discover my soul and maybe get a suntan.

Longer term, I've got a place at King's College London in September to read Hispanic and Classical Studies, but I'm reapplying to drama schools around then too, so who knows? Might be a drop-out after all....

Love always,

Hispanic Studies at Kings College London

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