Emily Scholfield. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 26th November 1980






Well, what can I say? School's finally over, I thought it would never arrive! However, it has and I'm sure by the end of this term I'll be extremely sad to leave. I'm taking a gap year, beginning in Polzeath, Cornwall; going on to Cambodia, Italy and the rest of Europe. After that I have no idea, maybe I'll find a rich man and go and live in Timbuktu.

Memories for me are not something that I can really go into detail about as my memory is certainly not one of attributes. I can only say that all my best memories have in combined into one huge binge; celebration at the end of exams and water fights on the orchard.

Worst memories include FRENCH A-LEVEL, which was probably the worst mistake I've ever made in my entire life; but apart from that I think the name Ben Hodgkins comes fairly close to the top of the list (for those who know about that) along with passing out in the art block after the first ball, and being carried back to flat by George.

Well, thanks to all those people who made my life at Bedales worthwhile. Goodbye and good luck in the big wide world; I'm pretty sure it will be a wicked end of term and you all deserve to do well with A-levels and life in general. Hope to see you all sometime, lots of love Emily