Felix Schneders. At Bedales: 1997-1998


Born: 24th March 1981






My name is Felix Schneiders and for a bunch of months already I am eighteen years old. Since I am allowed to drive, drink and even drop school now in Germany (all those nice words starting with 'd'), I will try and do the first two of those mentioned things very intensively until and after I have finished school.

It always takes Germans one more year to do A-levels, and so I will be either studying medicine or working hard to complete my portfolio to apply for studying at an art school. I have not made up my mind yet, but I know that the Art A-level course at Bedales has strongly supported my skills in and my likes for drawing or painting.

I miss Bedales a lot, and I am very annoyed about not having been able to experience life on 6.2 Flat. Greetings to the whole block from Germany, especially to Tibor (go for breakfast, Tibi), Mr Bond (Magic is good, huh?), Gwen (I found my R.E.M CD!) and the ever hard-working Nicholas L. (Dear Esther...).

Felix Schneiders

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