Daisy Parente. At Bedales: 1997-1999


Born: 29th August 1980






I can't quite believe I've made it, suddenly two years doesn't seem such a long time after all! I'm off to Sussex next year to read American Lit, but before and after, who knows? The whole concept of a mapped out future escapes me, but I hope wherever I end up that we keep in touch, and that you all end up doing what you want to do (and I'll visit your island as soon as you find it ?you know who you are).

There's too much to say, and I'd prefer to do it in person. Bedales has been fantastic, I've made some pretty stupid mistakes, but the good bits have certainly been worth it, and I'm sure I'll blunder on (with the new-found capacity for drinking in wet fields I have). Really I want to say thankyou, to so many people for so many things.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves, aaaand each other, Daisy