Alysen Miller. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 31st January 1981







As our time here comes to an end I find it hard to comprehend
How these five years will always be
The last to leave my memory.
From Ullswater to Martin's Game Beginning, end, ever the same;
The beer we drank, the friends we made,
I hope these pictures never fade.
From Hong Kong to New York City I know that there will always be
An important piece of my brain
Which in some field here will remain. But do not feel the best is past
'Cause we'll forever have a blast
And when you want to cry or laugh
This yearbook is our epitaph.
Thank you for all the times we've had
And at the risk of sounding sad I know I'm gonna miss you lot.
Pick roses, and forget-me-not.


Alysen graduated with First Class Honours in Philosophy and Greek at Kings College, London

During her studies, she travelled extensively in Eastern Europe and Russia.

She is now working at CNN.

The latest:

Well, having made it all the way through school and university without my teachers killing me (who'd have guessed?), I am now working for CNN in London and learning Arabic.  Yup - I'm going to be a foreign correspondent.  Everyone else is desperately trying to get out of Baghdad and I'm the only schmuck trying to get in!

By the way, if you've forgotten what I look like, attached is a picture of me and my friend Trinh at our graduation ceremony (I'd already taken off that silly hat, but I did graduate, honest!)

Hope you're well,
Salaam, Alysen xx