Adam Middleton. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 29th July 1981






It's quite weird that I've been here for nearly nine years and have very little to say, most of us probably take Bedales for granted. It has got to be said that I've had some pretty good times here, especially this year up on 62 flat. Some of the best memories have come representing Bedales sports teams, trying to get rid of the reputation that Bedalians and sport don't mix. Having said that, me letting in seventeen goals playing for the seconds didn't do us any favours in that department. I nearly got through the school without being busted, and even then they had to get a cleaner to find my booze. Speaking of booze, I hope to never drink Super Strongbow again after I leave the school, Bedales has put me off strong cider for life. I'm taking a few gap years so try and keep in touch. Adios, Adam

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