Charles Maybanks. At Bedales: 1997-1999


Born: 14th January 1981






Bedales uh? Well what will it be that every one remembers , tries to forget and laughs about in the future? Blatters it will be Dinny and Katies Party, or the fashion show or the whole school binge or le Mans or even Hard times. Most probably just lying in the Orchard on a sunny day and lying to house staff about drinking. Obviously both activities have stood us in good stead for future, but what will every one be doing in that future?

You know the first question out of Wise's mouth at our 10yr reunion, so what is your salary per annum, and the next - Is that before or after tax?

It will strange to see who has children and whose jet set life style will prevent them from attending. Well I intend to be working abroad, after going to Bath university studying Economics and International development, for some foreign government in a less developed country. I know how to live in style (probably with malaria) but never mind the future will unravel its self. See you all in 10 years!

Charles graduated with an Upper Second in Economics & International Development from Bath University

The latest:

"I am now working in London in Soho square just off Tottenham Court Road for a company called Allsop and Co, a property auctioneers. I am still in the middle of my economics and international
development degree and I've got this placement for a year.

If anyone is anywhere near the dreaded
Oxford Street drop in and we could have lunch. Anyway anyone reading this, have a good 21st birthday as they are all approaching very soon."