Kate Martin. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 25th Septmber 1980






Well I'm not really sure what I'm supposing to be writing and I think I want to save all the cheesy goodbyes for the other year book soooo....

I'm travelling throughout the summer, firstly with Roshean & Gabs in Thailand, Marie-Helene in the middle East and then Romina in southern California and Mexico. In between my adventures I will be working in a pub/bar called the Greyhound in Kew, Richmond -so if any of you are around the area do come for a drink !

If I get the grades I hope to go to Kings College in London do study Business/ economics and hopefully Japanese, so I'll be living in London on a permanent basis.

Well I guess I better say something a little sentimental or perhaps something along the lines of 'thank-you for being such a wonderful group of friends, I'll miss you loads and please keep in touch' !!!! Oh and for any of you who were on that binge in block 4 ?don't forget 6th of the 6th 2006, in the covered way P.S. bring any husbands/babies

Through Old Bedalians Organisation - oldbedalians@bedales.org.uk