Nick Levinson. At Bedales: 1997-1999


Born: 30th October 1980






I’ve been at Bedales for the past two years, after living in the Netherlands for six, so I am bilingual in English and Dutch. My family has travelled quite a lot, moving from Australia were I was born, to England, to the US, to Germany and finally to Holland in ’91. It has only been since coming to Bedales that I have discovered my interest in science, which I intend to develop at university, and eventually I hope to do research.

I am not taking a gap year, but am going to Cambridge to start Natural Sciences in October. The late start of the autumn term there will give me lots of time in the summer to spend with my girlfriend, who I have not seen much in the past two years as she lives in Holland. Also it turns out that I may be lucky enough to get a job for a few weeks as a student assistant working for a Nobel laureate in Germany, doing research in developmental Biology. At last I will also have the opportunity and time for windsurfing, which is probably my favourite sport. I don’t have much of an idea of what I’ll be doing after university, but I have I feeling that I may well end up in the Netherlands permanently.

Nick graduated with BA and MA, both First Class, in Natural Sciences (Biochemistry) from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

He is currently pursuing PhD in Molecular Biology at University of California, Berkeley

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