Sophie Leale. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 20th December 1980






Hi, I am sitting in the computer room and don't have a clue what to write, so you'll have to see what happens. We are all about to embark on our exams and I have one this afternoon, very scary. It is a bit weird to think that this message will probably be on here for the next 20 years as my computer skills are not too hot and my updates will be very limited.

You'll all have to remember me from this message(I'm sorry it's so lame.) I would go on about all the fun we've had but I think the real fun is still to come. I am very envious of you all who know what you're doing next year as I don't know. However I will definitely be in London somewhere with the King in tow so I want everyone to visit. I've run out of words now so, have loads of fun. Lots of love SOF xxxxxxxx 27.5.99.

P.S. my birthday is the 20.12 80. So send presents etc to London°..

Speedy departure from KCL -
Now working in London.