Dinny James. At Bedales: 1997-1999


Born: 13th June 1981






My time at Bedales has been particularly memorable. I have definitely had my fair share of embarrassing moments. One in particular would be when I passed out in Feeds, was carried on flat by the 6.2's and then got suspended, in the first 3 weeks of term.

I don't really have any worst memories, most of them are just extremely embarrassing! It has not been all bad though. I do have some good memories, but most of these are from drunken experiences in fields or in pubs in Wales, or smoking my guts out on the faithful old balcony!!

What I'll miss most is the whole year, it is really sad to think that I may not see many of you again. I'll also miss all the great excuses to get drunk such as Martin's game, geography trips and the 6th form balls. I'll miss you all loads and I hope you all have a great time where ever you go.

All love, Dinny

Geography at Manchester University
Through Old Bedalians Organisation - oldbedalians@bedales.org.uk