Jo Horsley. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 29th August 1980






After eight years at Bedales I feel that it is probably about time to pack my bags and move out of the Bedales "Pleasure Dome" and into the vast tower blocks of London, where I have secured a place at the Guildhall Music school in September. This summer I am not up to a lot, besides the usual sun worshipping, so I’d love to see any of you if you’re near my part of the world. I’ve had an amazing eight years and have made some of the most important friends in the world. I want you all to remember me when you’re famous and you must keep in touch so that I can invite you to the opening night of my first opera in the Royal opera house( in my dreams!). I’ll miss you all, so take care, and don’t forget to send me a post card where ever you are.

Jo graduated in Creative Music and Sound Technology from Leeds University

The Latest:

Well, didn't quite make it through the four years at the Guildhall- in fact only one! I am now nearing the end of my university career in Leeds where I should hopefully come out passing a BSc in Creative, Music and Sound Technology (BSc- yeah I can't quite get over that one myself!). Singing has taken a less prominent role in my life, replaced by lots of computers and cables, but  I really enjoy the geekiness of it all- making lots of weird sounds digitally rather than out of my mouth seems to suite me more. I hope to next year find a job (?) in a recording studio where I shall most likely be perfecting my tea making skills for a few years (decades) before I can become a world renowned producer! Would love to hear from any of you if you are passing through Leeds. x