Jessica Harris. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 27th December 1980






During my gap year, I'm working in The Free Mason's Arms in Hampstead or riding in Dartmoor; I'm then travelling and working in Australia, before returning to 3 months of agricultural experience, to set me up for the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, where I intend to meet a rich man with a large country estate.Oh, and get a degree in Equine Business Management, and dance the night away, at ALL those balls! The rest is yet to be discovered!

My first memory, was being petrified by the size of the school, since there were only 18 people in my YEAR (!) at my old school. Also, all these names were thrown at me, in my first week, except it probably took me at least a term to learn everyone's names, I'm still not sure of the younger years.

My best memory are some of the binges I've been on, and all night baking. I'm sure the last week will be amazing too! My worst memory is definitely chemistry A-level, probably the biggest mistake of my life, so far! The biology field weekend on the Isle of Wight is also up there, loads of crabs!

Other than the work, I have really enjoyed my self here, so good luck with your futures, and stay funky, even when you are grannies and grandpas.

Equestrian Studies at Royal Agricultural College

The latest:

I am at the Royal Agricultural College, having the most fantastic time - I have never drunk so much in my entire life and will happily take any one on in a drinking contest as the boys have taught me well!! I am doing a horse riding course, and although I haven't seen a horse all year I love it! If any of you want to visit and experience the RAC as it is certainly an experience especially if you are looking for estate owners or heiresses then please get in contact.