Mimi Goss-Saurau. At Bedales: 1997-1999


Born: 1st March 1981






So, two years of A-levels and Bedales are over. Thanks, it's been great! No memories really stick out except for the Economics lesson where everyone found out I had a title, this would be my most embarrassing moment at Bedales.

Next year I'm taking a year out (I need a break), I will be working as a working pupil- riding at Polly Williamson's yard and competing with my horse. In November I am off to down under for a month to travel around and see friends. From December till March I will be ski-instructing in Kitzbuhl in Austria for ski school Hanenkam, so come and visit! Then it's back to riding until September when I'm going to an art school, I don't know which one yet.

To keep in touch my e-mail address is NICEBUTBLONDE@YAHOO.COM so write to me there, and I'll write back.