Katherine Grey. At Bedales: 1997-1999


Born: 4th March 1981






In this last two years I have developed more than any other similar period of my life. I have discovered more about my spiritual side (particularly helped by Theo and Ethics), and about exploring the outdoor world. I am interested in going into international charity work, but I first want to travel independently. I am taking at least one years gap before University (I have not decided where I might want to go), maybe two and am currently definitely going to Vietnam, (although I have to raise £3, 000!) and Thailand, possibly India or Canada. With all of these I will be working with charities, apart from Thailand in which we will be elephant riding, as a trial scheme for the government.

My best time here was in the art block, particularly in the pottery, and I would like to thank Mary for that. I would also like particularly to thank Avril and Ruth for their support throughout the year, and would like to say a general thank you to everyone for making my time here so successful.

Through Old Bedalians Organisation - oldbedalians@bedales.org.uk