Mimi Gordon. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 29th April 1981






Right here is my electronic year book entry for the class of '99, I'm sorry if you find it irritating having a stupid font but I thought it might add interest to what will be a boring message. I'm going to avoid saying anything cringy but that's always impossible when writing for things like this, just by saying that I have already failed.

I think I'll just tell you what I will be doing this coming year...

For the summer I will be around with nothing to do, perhaps trying to sort out a cheap holiday in Formentera with Loz. Then I plan to find myself a job to fund my later travels I'll probably be working somewhere in Brighton so anyone is welcome if they want to be beside the seaside for a while. Around January I will be setting off to Malaysia to do a 6 month placement for GAP and will spend a further two months travelling all around there. By the time I return it will be time to go to University, though where or what to do is still very undecided.

I have already gone over my word limit so I'll say something crap like thanks for being such a good year (though I do mean it), and that I hope you all succeed in your future plans. Much love

Mimi (Gordon) xxx