Katie Doyle. At Bedales: 1997-1999


Born: 2nd July 1980






My most memorable moment at Bedales would be facing the school dressed as Gina G, and realising that after weeks of practice, nothing could have prepared me for the following scenes of mayhem and complete disorganisation as Dinny proceeded to fall over, and various other members of the group lost their balance! One incident that I like to forget, and which is actually a gaping hole in my memory, is the Valentines Ball, 1998, where I proceeded in getting excessively drunk and ended up in the san, detecting a strong scent of alcohol in the room.

These are mere snippets of my memories here at Bedales, all of which have been mingled with alcohol, singing, dancing and, of course, partying. My fondest memory would have to be the party I shared with Dinny, which was a big success and our photos prove it, everyone seemed happy and that is how I wish to remember it. I'll miss the music we are privileged to hear and the school events such as the dances and bar sessions.

I'll also miss the activities that take place prior to these events (if you know what I mean). I'll miss the teachers and there dedication towards educating us, something I would not be capable of. I'll miss my 'chums' Emily.D (on the m.i.c.), Dinny .J, Emily.S, Claire Bradley and Chloe.T, otherwise known as the giggle gang. Much love to every one else, come visit me when I own my own gallery or something like that.

Next Destination: Sussex University.

Love always,

Katie xxx

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