Emily Donithorn. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 22nd September 1980






I think the most memorable year at Bedales would have to be block 4, I couldn't believe it was possible to get into so much trouble in one year, however this was before the sixth form! There have been so many classic memories in the last two years I hardly know where to start. I'd rather forget the major fade of Gina Gee ( I can't believe what I wore or rather what I didn't)! The best has to be passing out on the art block tables after the Valentines Ball ( thanks to George for taking me and Em's back on flat). I think I'll miss everything except the lessons assemblies and gatings! Most of all I'll miss my mates! I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life but it'll probably end up being something arty-farty, but I'm not too keen on the whole grown up thing! Loads of love to everyone and I'd love it if you come to visit next year in Brighton.

Emily XX

Art at Brighton College of Art