Peter Conrad. At Bedales: 1997-1998


Born: 18th November 1980






I left Bedales in 1998, at the end of block 6.1, in order to go back to Germany. At the moment, I am doing my A-levels here, one more year to go. When I have finished, I will probably read law or economics. My main ambition for life is that I would like to join the foreign service, but a degree in either of these subjects would allow me to choose from a variety of careers. I think my very first memory of Bedales was being shown my dorm by Rory Walker in autumn 1997. I don't believe to have a best memory, I just have many good ones. My time in the 1st football team was a laugh. There were also a lot of binges which were fun. It is hard to say which aspects of Bedales I miss most, but I can say that its unique way of stimulating people's creativity won't be found anywhere else. When I left, I had a very strong feeling of having made a difference, which have gone now, having got back into my old manners. Finally, I would like to thank the block for this fantastic year.