Katie Brown. At Bedales: 1997-1999


Born: 2nd July 1981






I've only been at Bedales for 2 years so I'm not going to get all soppy or sentimental. There are no first, best or worse memories only plain memories all together, from bar to birthday brekkies, through 6.2 jaw, Pefe, Waitrose, 3 quid taxis, hot chocolate at break and penguins at snack, World Cup atmosphere, friends, enemies, pubs and lightweights, Steps, George Michael and the Backstreet boys, week-end train rides, hockey and non-active multi-gym, fashion victims, end of term packing, beginning of term gatherings, Christmas cards, diet coke, pasta cooking, I'll never look at toast in the same way again, Home - and Neighbours watching and all the 6.2s. Trust me life goes on, so to some: have a nice life and to the others: see ya in retakes!!