Mark Bromley. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 19th June 1981






Well what can I say, it's all over. So long to the good times, the memories of running away from Philip Parsons, the Pefe plebs, the binges and how can I forget the vile and tasteless school food that we had to endure for seven years. Some of you I have known for seven years, others five, and from that time have made the greatest friends imaginable. I'll miss all of you guys but especially my closest friends. This school has given me some fantastic memories that I will probably tell my grandchildren, things like the flat riots, shaving foam fights, food fights, deeves, and many more. Leaving this secure and sheltered environment for the real world seems quite daunting but to be honest I can't wait. All the best to you all, I hope that I will keep in touch with most of you. Take care of yourself, and each other.

Mark Bromley (or Boobs).

Mark graduated in International Studies from London Guildhall

The latest:

I have just graduated from the London Guildhall University with a 2.2 BA Hons International Relations. At the moment I'm working at Waterstones book store and Sussex college doing timetables and registrations until I find a more 'upmarket' and better paid job, preferably in London. Am living in Eastbourne now and trying to get days off from my two jobs! Apart from that I'm still the same happy guy!

Still missing Bedales but seeing Bedalians on a frequent basis, as usual!