Alison Barbour. At Bedales: 1994-1999


Born: 8th August 1980






I really value the time I had at Bedales. I believe it's the people in the school (both teachers and students) that make it special, we really seemed to grow together as a year, especially on 6ii flat. My time at Bedales is probably the most memorable I will ever experience.

I'll miss all of you and I hope that you will get in touch - the e-mail address is at the bottom of the page. Whatever I end up doing and wherever I end up going, I'm sure I won't forget any of you. I'll leave it there but I consider myself lucky to have spent my education at Bedales. It's been really nice knowing you all and I hope to see you sometime,


Currently in my 4th year of medical school in London, one and a bit years away from being a doctor - scary thought (for both me and my future patients I expect). Jealous about everyone else having jobs and going abroad whilst I hardly get holidays - sob!