julian 'winchy' chichester

Those of us who knew Julian well at school will remember that he used to be very keen on model-making. Well, when he left Bedales he quickly landed a job with Pinewood Studios...making models! This sort of thing seems to happen to some people!

As a natural progression from that exciting career, Julian eventually went on to study Law and was called to the Bar in 1977. He has been practising as a barrister ever since, from Chambers in Gray's Inn.

In the absence of a decent photograph, the upper of these two pictures is a blow-up from the '92 Reunion group photo. The lower picture is one that I purloined from Julian's Chambers' website. I apologise for any infringement of copyright here...I'm sure that I will face the full might if the Law, if I have done any wrong!

Here's what Julian has to say...

"After Bedales I followed a somewhat erratic career path. My first job was at Pinewood Studios, making radio-controlled models of Spitfires and Messerschmits for 'The Battle of Britain' film, employment which essentially involved being paid what seemed like enormous sums of money to do what I would have been doing anyway had I not been working.

There then followed a stint at Sussex University reading Physics and Electronics, before a decision that a life in science was not for me led to a year and a half working in the U.S. and hitch hiking around Central and South America.

Returning rather reluctantly to England to engage with reality, I spent the next four years in the film industry, working my way up from the lowly position of clapper boy/loader to assistant cameraman, via focus puller (before the days of auto focus).

Then in the mid-nineteen seventies I decided that I wanted to do something a bit more intellectually challenging than inspecting gates for hairs, and so took my Bar exams. I then got a tenancy in a Chambers in Gray's Inn, where I have been practicing commercial law with varying degrees of enthusiasm and success ever since. 36 years in half that number of lines; en route from there to here I've managed to travel a lot, make a lot of very good friends and make a lot of Spitfires, but not, so far, get married or have children."

54 Onslow Square

01923 242635


Julian took the '92 Reunion photographs that I've used on these pages. He is an inspirational photographer of professional standard and has taken many pictures on his worldwide travels. Do take the time to view some of these haunting and beautiful images by clicking here.